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We only accept opportunities electronically.  If you have an investment opportunity for consideration, please submit the following information to johncmorris@westolympic.com:

Business Model:  A few sentences on the product margin and sales channel, with a description of the level of fixed overhead in the company.

Funding Requirement:  The total amount of angel funds required by the company

Use of Funds:  The reason the company needs additional funds, and the projected timeframe until the next round of financing (or until the company becomes self funding).

Current equity:  A description of the current levels of investment and the actual valuations of each round, and the pre-money valuation of the company based upon the new offer price. 

Investment fundamentals:  The minimum investment for participation, the type of security (common, preferred, debt), the number of shares offered for sale, the offer price, and the minimum funds required to close the private placement.

Business Contact information:  Investment contact, address, telephone, email.